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Our store’s dishes are not only about flavor,
the store owner is also very particular with the details for customers to enjoy everything from the containers to the food arrangement.
Feel free to have a moment of relaxation! Please enjoy to your heart’s content.
Introducing the Usagi Tsuki menu, starting from the regular dishes.
※All the prices are tax included.

Regular Menu

About the “Otooshi” or Appetizer

The Otooshi or in English the appetizer/starter, is generally known to have the meaning of letting the customers’ order through (or in Japanese “tooshi”) in the kitchen. It also has the meaning of serving as the cover charge, but this appetizer is for you to enjoy our store’s flavors, and for you to have something to have with your drinks before your food is served. In Tsuki Usagi, we also specialize in the details of the appetizers, and create them carefully one by one.

Otooshi img

Grand menu